Your Choice at Alexan Miramar - woman relaxing in bath with bubbles

Your Choice at Alexan Miramar

The calmest retreat in any apartment is the solitude of its bathroom. At Alexan Miramar, we take this saying to heart by creating bathrooms that are more than just a place to get ready. They’re like your own little spa! Our bathrooms feature modern fixtures and luxurious finishes that add a touch of elegance and comfort to your daily routine. Whether soaking in the bathtub or having a quick shower, taking a few moments to relax and rejuvenate can do wonders for both the body and mind. It’s your choice at Alexan Miramar.

Your Own Spa

Our bathrooms have two doors, which means you can step right into relaxation. They create a peaceful and quiet environment, whether you’re getting ready for the day or unwinding at night. This thoughtful design ensures that you can enjoy your personal oasis without disruptions. Making it the perfect place to start and end your day in serenity.

Bathtub or Shower? You Choose!

Feel like a long soak in the tub or a quick, refreshing shower? Our bathrooms have both. You can relax in a big bathtub or wake up with a nice shower. It’s all about what you feel like doing. We understand that your daily routines vary, so we’ve designed our bathrooms to accommodate your preferences. Whether it’s a peaceful moment of tranquility in the tub or an efficient start to your day with a refreshing shower.

Fancy Touches

We’ve added some neat touches to make the bathrooms extra nice. There’s pretty tiling that makes the space look great, big mirrors for getting ready, and hooks for your towels and robes. It’s all about making things comfortable for you. The best part is that our bathrooms have big sinks with lots of space. This means you’ve got room for all your stuff and can keep things neat and tidy.

Our cozy bathrooms are just one part of making sure you love your home. Come on over for a tour and see your choice at Alexan Miramar.