Starbunny Bubble & Fruit Tea - brown sugar with fresh milk tea with Boba pic by Starbunny Bubble & Fruit Tea Dec 2022 on Yelp

Starbunny Bubble & Fruit Tea

Get ready to bubble over with excitement as we dive into one of the most tempting spots near Alexan Miramar. Just a short distance away from Alexan Miramar, you’ll find Starbunny Bubble & Fruit Tea, a haven of unique and refreshing flavors. Grab a friend and tour our apartments and head over today! It’s the perfect spot to chill, chat, and enjoy a vibrant drink.

A Taro-rific Experience

The first sip will make you believe in the magic of fresh taro topping. Unlike other places that might leave your taste buds wanting, Starbunny Bubble & Fruit Tea’s fresh taro is as authentic as it gets. It tastes amazing, not just decent or okay. And guess what? It’s fresh! If you’re a taro fan, this is a treat you don’t want to miss.

A Season in a Glass

Embrace the taste of summer with the summer berry fruit tea. It’s a merry blend of flavors that dances on your tongue and refreshes your soul. And here’s a secret – these drinks come with toppings already included! They might not be on the menu, so don’t be shy; ask what your drink comes with. It’s like a flavorful surprise with every order.

More Than Just a Drink

Starbunny Bubble & Fruit Tea isn’t just a place to grab a drink; it’s a spot to make memories, relish tastes, and awaken your senses. From the mesmerizing flavors of the taro to the refreshing charm of the summer berry fruit tea, every visit is an exciting adventure.

So, when you move to Alexan Miramar, hop over to Starbunny Bubble & Fruit Tea. Bring your friends, bring your family, or bring your thirst for something extraordinary. Cheers to boba done right!