Fast, Fresh, and Healthy

Every day is a fast, fresh, and healthy living experience at Alexan Miramar. This amazing community not only offers upscale amenities but also prioritizes your well-being. Right nearby is a restaurant called Pronto Salads offers delicious and nutritious meals. You can choose from many different foods like wraps, sandwiches, soup, and gyros. They’re all good for you and will fill you up! Get ready to live a cool and healthy life at Alexan Miramar!

Fast, Fresh, and Healthy Living

Living at Alexan Miramar is all about fast, fresh, and healthy living. It’s a place where convenience meets comfort. You’ll enjoy modern amenities that make life easier and more enjoyable. Plus, upscale restaurants are nearby, offering delicious and nutritious meals just a short distance away. It’s the perfect combination of convenience and luxury all in one place!

Pronto Salads

There is a rich pool of fans. Suijin S. shares on Yelp. “Pronto Salads is a hidden gem in west Miramar! If you are looking for high quality healthy food, this is the place! Where do I even begin to explain how great this place is? First, yes they do serve salads and yes they are delicious, but they serve a wide variety of healthy dishes. I love food in general but try to eat healthy. Having this near me has been a life saver for my very hectic lifestyle. This is a family owned restaurant and the owner gives EXCELLENT service. Seriously she goes above and beyond to give you a special treatment. At one point last year I was restricted to eat a lot of items in her menu and she went out of her way to buy new items for me so I could continue to enjoy her meals. My kids are picky eaters and she will prepare their items differently so they eat it! If you are looking for good quality healthy food, this is the place!”

Live Your Best Life

Living your best life is all about embracing fast, fresh, and healthy living. At Alexan Miramar, you have the perfect environment to thrive. Choosing what’s best for you is living the best life. With a convenient and upscale apartment plus healthy and delicious options nearby it always gets better.

So, why wait? Take the leap and live a fast, fresh, and healthy life at Alexan Miramar today! Contact us now to learn more and schedule a visit!