Delicious Choices at Your Doorstep - food on bowls pic by Bolay July 2023 on Yelp

Delicious Choices at Your Doorstep

There are many delicious choices at your doorstep! If you’re a foodie at heart who loves customizing your meals, Bolay is an excellent choice when living in Alexan Miramar! This fantastic bowl restaurant is just around the corner and offers a world of flavor and healthy options. It’s within easy reach of your front door, inviting you to indulge in its delicious offerings.

Dive Into a Sea of Flavors

Bolay lets you mix and match ingredients to create a superfood bowl that suits your unique tastes. And guess what? It starts at just around $10! It’s affordable to fill your belly with nutritious, delicious food. Not only is Bolay’s customizable menu budget-friendly, but it also ensures you don’t compromise on flavor or nutrition. With an array of fresh ingredients and innovative combinations, you can relish every bite of your meal.

Start With a Solid Foundation

Choose from bases such as gluten-free cilantro noodles, jasmine rice, Asian sweet potato noodles, or marinated kale. Power through your day with bases that pack the flavors and nutrition you need. These are not your ordinary bases! Power through your day with our selection of bases that offer a unique blend of flavors and nutrition.

Pile on the Good Stuff

Next, load up on the veggie goodness with choices like ginger broccoli, roasted Brussels sprouts, and balsamic mushrooms. For protein, you can opt for chicken, pork, seafood, or steak. The variety is mind-boggling but in the best possible way! They are truly impressive and will leave you feeling satisfied and nourished.

Living at Alexan Miramar means having delicious choices at your doorstep. So why wait? Schedule your tour today!