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Blue Ginger’s Perfect Party Venue

Blue Ginger Seafood Steakhouse, close to Alexan Miramar, is not only a great dining spot but also Blue Ginger’s perfect party venue. This relaxed and modern Japanese restaurant is where you can watch your meal being cooked right in front of you on hibachi grills. Enjoy some of the best sushi in South Florida, and have a great time with family or friends. Indulge into what makes Blue Ginger a fun dining spot for those living at Alexan Miramar.

Exciting Tableside Hibachi Cooking

One of the coolest parts of eating at Blue Ginger is the tableside hibachi grills. You get to sit around a big grill while the chef cooks your food right there. It’s not just cooking; it’s like watching a show! The chefs flip knives and make flames, turning dinner into an awesome performance. This makes it a really fun place, whether you’re with your family or out on a date this holiday season.

A Menu Full of Tasty Choices

Blue Ginger’s menu has something for everyone. All their dishes are delicious, from steaks and chicken to seafood and veggies. Plus, they’re known for excellent service, so you’ll feel welcome and have a good time when stopping by for lunch or dinner. It’s a place where the food is just as exciting as the way it’s cooked.

More Than Just a Restaurant

Blue Ginger isn’t just about grilling food; they have a romantic area for quieter meals, a bar, and a special sushi river where you can pick your sushi from little boats floating by. They’re also great for parties and celebrations like birthdays or anniversaries. Living at Alexan Miramar means you’re just a short walk from the delicious and fun Blue Ginger Seafood Steakhouse. If you’re ready for tasty Japanese food and a dining experience that’s a whole lot of fun, check out Alexan Miramar.

Looking for the perfect party venue? Schedule a tour today and get ready to enjoy all the delicious Japanese cuisine Blue Ginger has to offer!